My favorite type of tea in the world, is not just tea, but tea + lemonade from Arizona called Arnold Palmer Lite Half & Half. It is amazing and hella cheap (I bought mine from Dollar Tree earlier, but the same size (1 Liter) usually costs $1 at any store). It's so sweet, so caffeinated, and kinda/sorta acts as a "detox" supplement in some ways, because of the lemon (which they claim is real lemonade) and, of course, the tea (which has many detoxing properties). I used to drink the hell out of Arizona Green Tea + Gensing (Ginseng?), and also Arizona Sweet Tea, but nowadays I tend to get soda (which is not good, either). Lipton teas are nice, but unfortunately they have a boatload of high fructose corn syrup in them, and I can taste it, too (gross)! I would like to find an affordable organic iced tea, but I do not know of any (haven't looked very hard, either). But hot teas are out of the question. Two sips and it feels like I chugged a Liter of hot water - I get so bloated, and so gross feeling, and so sick to my stomach that I suspect that I may be allergic to straight, unaltered tea.

Anyway, this stuff is tasty :P