I was going to mention this last night, but then decided I didn’t want to rant (complain) about it, but now I do, so…nnProton Mail, it just changed a lot of stuff. Not in terms of security/features (it’s still “the best”), and I have a Pro/Premium/paid-for account, and it works, and is affordable (~$48 per year), and I am happy with it. But, they just changed all the *appearance* of the service, and it is ugly as shit.nn- The icon for it looks like the old logo for Medium.com, only in magentan- The “P” on the loading screen (that stands for “Proton”, of course) *looks* like a question markn- these two icons are different for some reason (annoying, to me it is annoying anyway)n- EVERYTHING is in a neon magenta color tone, which is hideous. nnAside from the atrocious **appearance** of PM, I am ok with the service, itself. It’s great. I just don’t like having to visit the website anymore. I *did* go through the settings and switch the Composer layout (theme) of the inbox to “Legacy”, which uses the old colors mostly, but everything is still weird looking.nnBlah blah – First World issuennback soon

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