At some point, I will revisit making (or copying/pasting together) the “mega document” that I am compiling from ALL of the blog entries I had on my (old) blog from sometime in 2021. It’s a lot of stuff. An obscene amount of stuff. I worked on it for over an hour the other day (copying/pasting), and only got 1/3 of the way into the task. A pain, but I’ll get it done.nnAnd, I am doing laundry. It’s two minutes til 4:00, and I will change out loads at 4:05 (4:10, really – Final Spin takes forever these days), and then await the clothes to dry, and go from there.nnNothing else happening. I suggested we (all bloggers on W.a (who have Pro accounts)) have a “meet up” on sometime, and I put that on, as well as did a blog post on it on **TMO**, but no takers as of yet.nnWe’ll see where it goes.nnback soon

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