![]( it is Laundry Monday, as I do laundry at 6:00 AM *every* Monday, *every* week. But my clothes have been “dirtied up” extra quick this week, so I had to do the load today. Above, a photo of the (#17) washer they were done in. The loads have been changed out, and I am now waiting for them to dry.nnAll groundbreaking and fascinating stuff, I am sure. I only document the “cool” stuff in life, lol ;)nnI had coffee and cleaned up the apartment this AM, too. The kitchen, the bathroom, took out the trash, all the things deemed necessary for a leaser of an abode. I could very well be just as happy hitch hiking across the country and having nothing to my name with no “to” or “from” to look back upon, or forward to – because I just kind of “think in that way”, I suppose. But in all practical reality, I prefer to have a dwelling that makes life a bit more convenient.nnBy the way, this is probably the first photo I have taken in over two months. I never use the camera app on my phone, and the inspiration to do so never strikes. I am certainly glad that a lot of *other* people utilize their phone camera, and find neat and cool shit to snap photos of, and edit and share them with the world, the Internet, friends, family, etc. – but I don’t put derive much interest in doing so myself. But, every week (on Mondays), I snap *some* photo of some type in the laundromat when I am waiting for clothes to finish. Because I am just “sitting there” waiting for clothes to wash/dry, and feel like taking a pic. Just an observance.nnThe #stlwx is terrific today. Sunny, breezy, cool, Spring-y.nnBe back later – perhaps with some more enthralling stuff.nnback soonnn#laundry #laundryday #laundrynotes

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