I don’t know how many times I have had the title “laundry: STARTED” on this blog, but it has been many times before. I should hashtag them #laundry, lol! Maybe if a universal search feature ever comes to W.a, I can go through and find all my laundry posts and combine them into a single (lengthy) blog called “writing during laundry” or something like that? LOL! Sounds good to me!nnAnyway, I will change loads at 11:00 AM. The tobacco order *says* it is getting delivered today, but the last check-in on the Informed Delivery website (by USPS) said that it was in a Cincinnati, OH. Distribution Center, so I think it will be another day. I don’t know, though. nnThe desk hasn’t been shipped yet, I don’t think. I will get a tracking # texted to me when it does ship (via the moms, because she ordered it for me for Xmas (thanks Mom!)). nnOK, time to charge the MacBook, make more coffee, and change loads in a few minutes here (as I have taken my time writing out this blog post ;)nnBack laternn#laundry

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