Finally got around to bringing the burlap bag of duds over to the laundromat and started the load. Will be done at 5:45, and then I will toss them in the dryer, retrieve them an hour later, and call it a night.

Been kind of "a day", in many ways. Meaning "just a day". Maybe lots of meaningful and exciting events occurred everywhere all the time and I just didn't catch wind of them (besides the ongoing war, which is tragic, but there is quite literally nothing I can do about it).

Having a globalized, always-connected world may sound like a barrel of joy at first, but in every day practice, it just eliminates any form of wonder or interest about that world. Whatever is happening anywhere at any time, no need to stay curious or hopeful or any shit like that - just log on, see what needs to be seen, and confirm hope/no hope/positivity/pessimism/whatever it is one needed to see for themselves.

In many respects, the WWW is a form of global society. Not that that is either a good or bad thing (depends on the individual's perspective) - just sort of a continual digital "consciousness", a backlog of events and information. It's just there.

I just read a thing a little bit ago that said something to the effect of "technology is about making meaning", which in all likelihood is true. Or at least it is true in the faux sense of meaning. I think the world, and nature, is about finding meaning. Getting something, or getting to something, or being awarded something, or discovering something that is already there - THAT'S meaning. Manufacturing a sense or sensation of meaning is just that - a manufactured sense of legitimacy.

So, I don't know - I will always choose nature over technology. If something someone wants isn't happening then and now in terms of Mother Nature drumming up what is desired, be patient and continue on, and don't try to spin up some pseudo replacement for the thing.

It's whatever. Just writing my thoughts.

back soon