Got up, made coffee, drank coffee, went across the courtyard to the laundromat and started laundry, will change loads at 7:56.nnIt’s windy outside. *Very* windy. Whatever is left on the trees will be gone by the end of the day if this keeps up. The grounds are *covered* in leaves, can barely see the sidewalk. Pink, orange, red, yellow – beautiful.nnWhen the clothes are done, I will head to BP and buy some sodie, I think. And other than that, no special plans for the day. Gonna be inside mostly, writing.nnNo clue on what time I am getting picked up tomorrow, either. We are going to be getting to my niece’s around 2:00 (I think – perhaps a bit before) for the Thanksgiving festivities, and that will definitely be nice. My Great Nephew’s *first* Thanksgiving (not that he will necessarily remember it – but WE will!).nnAround 10:00 AM I will text the moms and my sisters to see what they would like for Xmas. Just so I know where to shop, what to look for (online, not *going* anywhere). Hopefully everything arrives in time, because there is still a supply chain crisis, from what I hear (in The States this is the case, anyway. Other countries might not be having any issues at all? IDK).nnGonna be a nice day. Back later.nn#laundry

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