So, I go to fetch the clothes from the washer, and I foolishly had put the laundry bag (a cloth bag, washer-safe) in the washer thinking: "oh, this can get clean while the rest of the clothes get clean, and then I will dry it with the clothes, and then bring home everything when the clothes are dry" - but no, the fxxxing handles of the bag got wrapped and looped around the inner cylinder of the washing machine, and I almost broke the plastic bits off the side of said cylinder in order to get it OFF of there. Also, every single article of clothing in the load was ALSO wrapped around the OTHER handle! So, after I almost broke my back being bent over to get the one handle un-looped from the cylinder, I had to stand there like an asshole and unwrap every single article of clothing from this enormous handle-knot!


I finally got everything into the dryer (and only one dryer was left, because idiots leave their clothes behind like it's their property, as if the laundromat is somehow an extension of their apartment, and never fetch anything in a reasonable amount of time), so I will head back at 6:20 (as soon as the clothes are done), and retrieve the clothes, and free up a dryer for someone else, and be done with this for the evening.

Anyway, I have one(1) laundry/tote bag left after throwing away the one that fxxxed up this load. I started with four(4) bags, one was left behind somewhere (who knows where?), another contains vinyl records, which I gave back to my brother-in-law (told him to keep the bag, as those records are a PITA to haul around), and now this one got ripped at the seams, and is basically ruined (plus I wasn't going to dry the thing and risk fxxxing up ALL my clothes if it decided to wrap itself around my wardrobe, again). So, down to one, good, clean, unused tote - and I will take care to not mess it up ;)

back soon