I think I had a small series on this bloggo some time back called #laundrynotes or #laundrywriting, or perhaps just plain #laundry at one time. So here’s an installment of that, lol!nnEvery Monday at 6 or 7:00 AM, I started laundry at the laundromat across the courtyard, and it is finished roughly an hour and a half later (after I change out loads a half hour into it). I will do so today at 7:55 AM. I also have dishes going, because the kitchen was a mess, but the dishwasher also drowns out the sound of the neighbor’s traumatized prisoner animal, or perhaps one would call it a “dog”, but at this point it’s entire existence has devolved into a state on continual entrapment and fear, because it *never* leaves his apartment, and barks at literally everything and nothing when it musters enough hope to bark in agony. The rest of the time, it is defeated and desolate. And the neighbor, himself, is completely intimidating and unapproachable – some Fossil Watch wearing, hotshot 20-something year old. Probably vapes and drives a car with blacked out windows.nnI complained to the apartment staff about this (the dog), but *I* am not replacing the money coming in from the guy’s lease, so what the fxxx do *I* have to say? Suffering animal involved? Tis the direct price paid for passive capitalism.nnBut whatever. I cannot make bad people be good. Either the leasing staff here *or* the animal hater.nnAnyway, I made coffee and I will start sipping it when it cools down, and I have a Dr Pepper pop in the meantime, will change loads shortly, and by that time the dishes will be done, and I will clean the kitchen a bit.nnThe sun will be out soon enough, and it is going to be a very sunny day here. nnback soon

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