laundry has begun

Tossed in a load. Checked the mail - nada. Expecting an appt confirmation for the REAL appt on Aug 2 with the Urologist via letter today.

Will be glad to get this bladder situation taken care of. Painful sometimes.

Having a Dr Lou now (a soft drink, not a person in the medical profession), and passively browsing random blogs and the occasional news site to see what I can chirp, and quip, and opine, and make mention of. Nothing stands out that renders a response from my brain or "mood" in this moment.

Nothing from the Real World(TM)/Meat Space World, either. My niece had her second kid a couple days ago, while her first is sick with a virus, and I hope he does ok and isn't too affected by the sickness. The second, "Baby L" is doing ok from all reports. So that is good.

Deleted the short-lived WordPress VPS that I used to "noob cheat" my W.a posts onto, just so I could export them onto this blog. So, that is done.

Another Monday. All good.

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