Finished laundry. Made more coffee. Changed clothes before that.

The day is (still) nice. Clouds have gone away. The air is warming. Birds are still battling, hunting, gathering, mating - being birbs.

The coffee is nice. Hot. Bold as I want it to be. 1 1/2 scoops - plenty dark and satisfying.

I am not listening to music, but the sentences are sparse and spaced out. No actual contextualized thoughts come to mind at the moment. I just write shit in small amounts as I think of them.

It's 10:30 AM here in St Louis. No idea what time it is in the Ukraine time zone. I don't comment on war, or politics, or politics about war, but it is all that comes to mind at the moment. It's a foul scenario over there, and I am pretty sure whatever future Putin had planned to hold over his seat in power in Russia is coming to an end pretty soon. I don't see any country doing business with Russia or "turning the other cheek" in regards to the atrocities in this war at any point in the future if Putin stays in power. China still does their dealing with them, but they are China and are abysmal in regards to their government, so I am not exactly surprised. I feel terrible for the Russian people (civilians) and the Chinese people, as well (again, civilians).

So there's a little blip of whatever in regards to "geopolitical commentary". Putin won't stay a whole lot longer (I'd imagine), and then they'll bring in someone else.

I won't go into a politics schpiele, as I have little faith in any of it. I also won't go into why I lack faith, because that's just negative shit that doesn't need to be on the blog and therefore plaguing me throughout the day for having written something negative. So...yea.

I'll come back when nice, optimistic stuff can be said. For now I shall carry on with my morning.