![]( up the laundry, getting ready to head to Schnucks in a bit to get some grub. As you can see, I mis-timed the changing of the loads, so I arrived at the washer *before* the Final Spin cycle started, so I had to stand there and wait. Fascinating stuff, I am sure.nnBut then, I get a call from the leasing office, saying they did not receive my rent for this month. I reminded the leasing manager that I DID in fact turn in my rent on Nov. 1 when I turned in the package that was left at my doorstep (mistakenly). That jogged the leasing manager’s memory (where she had “misplaced” the money order), and she then realized that she had posted my rent amount to a *different* resident’s account(!). So, *I* am not in hot water, but the other person may be (if they hadn’t made rent for this month, that is). nnStrangennAnyway, the mail is here, but not “done” being delivered (they are still filling the boxes), so I will see if the tobacco order arrives (I doubt it, as the last check-in was Cincinnati, according to Informed Delivery), and also see if my Missouri Real ID arrived or not. I doubt something like a State ID would be scanned in through USPS (they photograph the mail, itself, for the Informed Delivery service), so when it arrives, it will sort of be a surprise.nnAll in a day. Back later.nn#laundry

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