Went ahead and got my laundry by wrapping up the dried clothes into the Legendary Whitetails sweater, and half the clothes were bulging from my arms as I crossed the courtyard back to my apartment. But, everything is there, everything is accounted for, and I didn’t lose any articles of clothing. So, I changed clothes into fresh duds and am about to spark a bowl of VA/Per tobacco and off the rest of this Monster Zero.nnWatched a couple things on The Beatles “*Get Back*” docuseries (or, long ass documentary is what I would call it), and I am pretty sure I need to watch the entirety of the six hours of it. Or eight hours. Or however long it is. If/when I DO watch the thing, I know I will be super inspired to want to write music, I think. Not so much “high-end”/”enjoyable” music, but the lo-fi/Outsider music that I am capable of producing. I didn’t *really* try my hand at WRITING tunes until 2019 sometime, I think, so I don’t see myself “making up” for 20+ years lost time and all of a sudden becoming some talented musician all of a sudden just because I own XYZ instruments. I make music because I enjoy the process of creating it, recording it, tooling with it – it’s a fun thing to do, but I have further to go (indeed) before I have something that is genuinely “listenable” to anyone who isn’t already smitten with (or has a penchant for) lo-fi type of stuff. And I don’t mean Lo-Fi Hip Hop or Lo-Fi dubstep or whatever else they call “Lo-Fi” on YT and whatnot, I mean low-fidelity audio.nnAnyway, back laternn#laundry

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