The drying cycle went effortlessly, because I did not have a huge tote bag to un-knot from my wardrobe! Haha!

Anyway, glad all that is taken care of. And also glad the apartment got cleaned in the meantime (dishes - done, counters - cleaned, bedroom - organized). All is well and good.

Now, I have a pipe of VA/Per tobacco, and try to think of some decent blends to order for the tobacco "cellar" (no need for quotations, though - tobacco cellars ARE a real thing (even though my "cellar" is nothing more than a kitchen cabinet instead of a below-ground room of aging indulgences)). By the way, want to see something cool? Do an Image Search (DDG, or Google, or whatever) for "wine cellars" - some of the coolest rooms I've ever seen in my life. Just small basement rooms that are naturally temperature controlled, all stone (usually), and look like the best place in the world to have a pipe (or wine, for the wine drinkers out there - though, not I). Neat stuff.

back soon