I started laundry at 6:00 AM, then went to Schnucks, fetched a few items. Came back and switched loads from washer to dryer. They dried. I retrieved them. And the sun has risen, and the day moves on.nngood dealnnI’ll go to BP soon, get a pack of cigs. An Amazon package is arriving today (though, I rarely use Amazon – reasons are obvious for a “rebellious” hipster like me), and it contains a pair of plaid shorts. I have Vuori jogging shorts (though I have a disdain for jogging), but I needed a second pair of shorts because A) it’s Summer – heat means shorts, and B) my Chino pants and blue jeans are both size 38 waist, and now I wear a size 36 (likely 34 could work, and 35 would be ideal, but to keep things simple I went with 36). The plaid shorts are a yellow/olive/green ordeal, and will look nice, I think. Not the same as plaid *pants* that would look a bit *too* loud, and a bit *too* punk rock-y, but plaid shorts? Dudes sport them all the time. Dapper.nnSo those will arrive soonnnWho knows what the day will bring. Other stuff. Amusing stuff. On and on, etc.nnI’ll update again later

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