...at 6:00 AM, and on a Monday, as per usual. I always find the laundromat empty when I go at that day/time, so I will keep going at that time and have my choice of machines to use. I could do it tonight, and have a choice of machines, probably, and that might happen now that I think about it, but...we'll see.

On that note, I decided to pack up the laundry, and get everything ready to do a load at ~6:00 tonight, because it will likely not be busy at all around that time, so I will just get the clothes done tonight so I do not have to worry about anything tomorrow morning.

So, I guess I should title this post "laundry day tonight"! LOL!

Anyway, it's a nice night here. Quiet. Cold, too (29F, and dropping). I may venture onto the balcony early tomorrow AM and have some of the SG Navy Flake from the Rossi pipe, as pipe smoking is always better outdoors than indoors, in my opinion. It's kind of a shame that I DO smoke indoors, at all , because even longtime, daily smokers will take their habit (addiction) outside, and get their fix on a balcony, or a porch, or a sidewalk, or whatever the case - but here I am, like some inconsiderate jerk, smelling up my apartment (and maybe even the apartment below me) with tobacco smoke. I really do need to make an effort to just take the cigs outside. Perhaps not a pipe (during the day), as that draws hella attention ("is that guy smoking pot?! OMG!"), but cigs can be smoked outdoors, especially considering I have very nice patio furniture out there. Also, it may be a chance to meet neighbors. And also still, I am going to be getting new blinds for the bedroom and living room eventually, and they will be frabic blinds, and I don't want those all chalked up with tobacco smoke residue and ish like that once I buy them, so...yea.

So, consider me an outdoor smoker now, I guess. LOL!

Laundry in a short few

back soon