I checked my mail a bit ago, and decided to “keep walking” and visit Neighbor “S” when I saw that no mail had arrived. I got to his apartment and he was half asleep (he’s 70 – naps often), but opened the door right away and we went out on his balcony and had a smoke. I don’t lug the Weber pipe to and fro, so I just bummed an Edgefield non-filter from him (which he smokes daily). Out on the balcony, while shooting the sxxx, he asked if I knew how to use the “laundry computer” (meaning the debit card machine that adds money to a laundry card, that is then used on individual washers/dryers). I said I did, and he asked if I could help him add money to his laundry card. I said “yes, if you have a debit or credit card to do so, because my card is *out* for a little while”. He said he didn’t have a debit card that he knew the PIN # for, relying on running charges as “credit” and forgoing the PIN. So, I said I could meet him tomorrow morning and I can use *my* laundry card, and he can get laundry done, and he can pay me back later, or, just give me a few bucks cash ($3 for a wash/dry). In fact, I offered to let him use my laundry card for free, but before I could say the words, he said “I’ll pay you back, I’ll owe you three”. He’s like that – wanting to be “square” with everyone. Not a bad way to be.nnSo, tomorrow before 11:00 AM, I will meet Neighbor “S” at his apartment, and we can head over to the laundromat and he can get laundry done. I also told him that if he needs $$ on his card monthly, that I can put $$ on his card at the beginning of each month, and he can give me cash for those charges then (be it $10, or $20, or whatever).nnSo all is good there.nnNow, I sit and drink coffee as I write this back in the AC at my apartment. nnAlso, while I was at the apartment of Neighbor “S”, I looked down from the balcony and saw a couple apartment staffers looking over a phone. They seemed to be trying to unlock it, or *something*. I said “did someone lose their phone?”, and they said “yea, Galaxy S10”. So, someone is now phoneless.nnAnyhow, this is a dry as fxxx update. I’m 100% flustered and frustrated with some texts from some people earlier, and I wish they had not bothered to contact me at all to begin with.nnSo, sorry for the odd entrynnback soon

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