laundry and other items of the day

Cleaned up the kitchen and started laundry. While the clothes are in the dryer, I visited Neighbor "S", and then went to BP and fetched us each a fountain soda. He rarely says much, anymore. Very quiet person as of the past month. So mostly we just sit until I initiate some such and such thing to talk about.

Anyway, Independence Center has been successfully rescheduled, for next Monday. Orientation (Day 1) followed by another full day at IC of Orientation (Day 2). I received the doctor sign-off forms for the transport there/back, which will be a recurring thing - not just this time. I then uploaded those forms to the "Metro ADA Form Uploader" (catchy name!), and will hear back in 72 hours to see if I am approved and can begin scheduling rides to/from IC.

I have any/all paperwork here in the kitchen island for tomorrow's Urology appt. One is the appt confirmation sheet (of some sort), and another is the "letter of arbitration", which basically means I sign it and agree not to sue the hospital if anything goes wrong, which seems like a bullshit deal to me, and the first one I got (for an appt that was rescheduled) I tore up and threw away. I didn't think I was getting the better end of that deal. But this letter I kept, just to have. Even though I doubt I will sign it.

Them are the brakes, right now.

Hope everyone is having a good day! :)

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