11:00 PM, on the dot. Having some bold java. Nothing particular on the mind this evening, other than I for the most part abstained from Internet use today. I wrote a couple blog posts, checked some e-mail, but I didn't "surf" in any way. Usually I check up on 1Feed, and read some stuff from there, but I didn't even open the blog posts listed there. I checked Midnight.pub, and smol.pub/feed, as well as Read.write.as, and indeed, the "small web" seems to be particularly small this day, haha. And who knows, maybe Russia invaded Ukraine (as I hear there is some sort of buildup on the border), or/and all hell broke loose, and Twitter flared up with trolls, bots, Tweetstorms, and political jargon and I just happened to miss it all? Darn.

Yet, the coffee still tastes good. I "missed out" on exactly nothing, because the "missing" part would be determined by me - do I "miss" stuff in the news, or do I just not see it, and also not care? In regards to Fear of Missing Out, it is simply that - fear. Don't let fear determine what you do in your life. Do whatever. Fear is illogical.

Anyway, tomorrow on the way back from Hillsboro, I will stop and pick up Tylenol, as it is better for swelling/inflammation, and I will switch to that from Motrin, because there will definitely be some swelling with a tooth extraction. I've been "fantasizing" tonight about what life would be like without consistent tooth pain jarring through the right-hand side of my upper-jaw and cranium - and I realized earlier that, one doesn't really "recognize" how damn intrusive and "life consuming" bad tooth pain can be (and IS!) when they have dealt with it for a prolonged period of time. It is sort of second nature to sort of "cope" with misery all the time. And when the pain is gone, it is like life and reality kicks back in, and things are just "as they are" again. I hope to be back to "how it is" fairly soon :)

Anyway, tomorrow should be my last tooth admin post, as said tooth will be gone, so I won't have to always write about it. Other things must be worked on, figured out, consolidated, treated, etc. - but the tooth part will be over.

And in terms of back admin, those posts are over with for now, too. My back is doing relatively ok, with little soreness. There is a possibility that I end up getting a steroid shot in the future, perhaps every year, but, I do not have problems with it at the moment (and probably not again until we get single-digit temps in the Winter again).

But there will always be life admin, and that is random shit that must be taken care of in life.

In March, I had planned to get a tattoo (on the left elbow, to kind of "fill space"), but I realize now that with a healing tooth (or tooth socket), as well as whatever referral appointment I get after Feb 28 from the NP, I will likely have my time pre-occupied with stuff related to that, so piling on additional (unnecessary) pain by getting a tattoo would not be wise. Instead, whatever budgetary room I free up from it (was going to be roughly a $250 tattoo), I will put towards a new cadet hat, perhaps a pair of Vans (as there is already a hole being worn into the upper toe of the NB shoes - big let down), because Vans are comfy/reliable (and stylish, I think), and nothing much else in terms of life admin necessities. Because shoes and a hat are necessary, indeed.

The coffee was good. Be back soon.