Just fetched a Mt Dew from the vending machine, not even realizing how late it is (10:45), but it’s no bother. It’s a safe apartment complex. Another reason I am hesitant to ever move from here – it’s a pretty decent neighborhood! A rare feat in the United States, I think. At least in terms of being anywhere near a city. Outside of that, it’s usually “the sticks”, and a bunch of pick ’em up trucks and guns racks and all kinds of bonkers bullshit I put up with for the first 30 years of my life. The difference *here*, I think, is that these apartments (as well as several other complexes) are nestled within a decent commercial district and surrounding *that* are a bunch of half million dollar(+) villas. Not unlike where I lived in Crestwood (again, in S St Louis County) in the mid-1990s, only back then, they had Crestwood Plaza Mall and a boatload of small businesses, and now there is nothing there but a trashed site where a mall once stood, the small businesses are all out of business, and crime has skyrocketed in the area. I think the name of the game in this region, is to stay in *South* South St Louis County, or *West* West St Louis County – anywhere beyond that is Crime City. Even the “good” parts of the city (e.g. like the CWE (Central West End) made national headlines when the people came out with guns onto their front lawn and threatened protesters during the BLM movement). I didn’t even think people *had* guns in the CWE (which was once an affluent neighborhood up until the mid-2000s, and then, businesses went *out* of business, and the same story happened with it as what happened to Crestwood).nnBut, whatever. It’s fine right *here* for right *now*, but maybe someday I’ll buy a thick coat and move to Quebec City, Canada? I’ve seen that place during the holidays – it’s like a fxxxing snow globe! nnBack laternn

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