Fingers crossed that it does not make me sick. I’ve had terrible luck with ‘za as of the past six months, and 9 out of 10 times it makes me either vomit or *feel* like vomiting. I’ve probably developed some backwards allergen to the stuff, since I consumed so much of it from 2014 until…six months ago.nnAnd I *used* to not eat pizza, hardly ever. It was a once in a while treat that I would have *maybe* once per month, and that is what it is now (sorta). It may become something I have a few times a year IF the sickness/nausea keeps up (which I hope it doesn’t). But for Now, I am ok with just having it once a month. Not a very big pizza fan at this moment.nnI think the reason I started to consume so much of it in 2014 was because I had a friend (a friend I mentioned on this blog a couple nights ago) who was on like a 90% pizza diet. It was like pizza or/and french fries, and that is all he (at the time, now a she) would eat. And that is how I sort of got started on a pizza kick, but now I am basically “over” it.nnThere’s a *lot* of bad habits I broke though over the past couple of years – I used to drink energy drinks (Monster or Red Bull) EVERY day. I had three Monster in 24 hours on the day that my dad passed away (to keep myself awake at the hospital), and everyone I came across that day said I “should definitely stop drinking those”, and I hadn’t heard any “suggestions” or “warnings” before then, so I took it as “a sign”, and stopped drinking them soon after. I pick up a Red Bull or a Monster once in a blue moon (not often whatsoever), but I genuinely hate how the stuff makes me feel (antsy).nnI also gave up social media. That was definitely the **best** decision I have made in the past decade. I didn’t (fully) realize how overwhelmingly addictive it was until I left the two services I used at the time (Twitter and Instagram – the rest of them I had either never joined or had closed my accounts years before). I would say that life has gotten exponentially (sp?) better since 2019 (and *continues* to improve!).nnAnother thing that was worth giving up – starchy carbs. I quit rice (replacing it with quinoa), and fries/potatoes/etc. and now I *might* have some fries perhaps once a month, and it is a deliberate effort on my part to sort of remind my body that; hey, these things still exist, don’t forget how to digest them! Breads (of any kind, white/wheat/rye) are also consumed very sparingly.nnSo, these are good things to give up. Glad I’ve moved along.

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