How it is late night coffee, and not MIDnight coffee, or even morning coffee, is beyond me. I feel like I slept all night. But it must have been only a few hours, is what it is. Now, I will likely be up ALL night.

At 6:00 AM I toss in laundry. Rain or not. There is rain in the forecast throughout the night (it might be raining right now), and if it is raining at 6:00, I will simply sport the rain jacket and head over there anyway. Nearly everything I have needs to be washed, and I am down to the last outfit.

It's a warm-ish rain, too (my favorite weather), but not quite warm enough for me to keep the sliding glass door open, which is what I would be doing if it were 10 degrees warmer. The gentle ambiance of that weather always puts me in a good mood.

The coffee is delightful, too. Kind of a half espresso (2.5 scoops - instead of a full 3). So, I am plenty awake.

Perhaps once the antibiotics are finished (today will be Day 7, three more days until the round is over (and it is the only round in this case)) I will head out on a hike at Cliff Cave Park. In fact, I am sure I will, because this is prime hiking weather. Could definitely use some cardio, and the mental clarity that comes with hiking through the woods. My favorite activity, for sure. In April I will spring for the Geocaching subscription, and give that activity a whirl. I did go to Cliff Cave with the intent on finding a cache at one point, but the application was not giving me specific coordinates when I got to the site where the cache was. I still went to the area (and found a new trail, too), but no cache was found. I plan on doing that activity fairly regularly once I have a Premium membership to it (which is, but the application is simply called "Geocaching").

Now, I make more coffee (regular, non-espresso), and carry on with the night.

back soon