late night balcony smokes, a camera shy moon, and items arriving soon

I had a cig on the balcony just now as I finished some night coffee. Oddly, this cup (Folgers instant) seemed to be lasting forever (in a good way)! Like, I poured it, it cooled, and I sipped for what seemed like 40 minutes, even though that couldn't have been the case (it would have been ice cold by then!). Odd mis-perception of time, in a way. I'll take it! :)

The moon peeks up from beyond the apartment buildings adjacent to my balcony. It is what I think is called a "Waning Gibbus", or whatever it is called when there is just a slice of moon. Sharp and thin, and bright yellow. The rest of the sky is star-less and overcast - just a blip of clearance in the clouds to unveil this brightly lit atronomical beauty.

I cannot photograph it, though, even though I tried, because it shows up as just a tiiny little speck of light above the neighboring roof, so no details can be seen :/ I see it plenty fine, though, so I'll take it!

After seeing the render-less image, I get several e-mails via ProtonMail, telling me "my UPS package will arrive tomorrow", and two from saying "good stuff is coming to you in the mail!", etc. - and those would be the citronella candle (which makes smokes on the balcony at night MUCH more enjoyable, and bug-less), the shower towel (been two years since I pitched the rotting microfiber towel, which served me well for five years, until it didn't. Been using whatever t-shirt I was wearing previous to "towel off" ever since then - a dedicated shower towel was/is needed), and also the stainless steel trash can + 30 Liter trash bags. The trashcan/trash bags were meant to be purchased at the beginning of Summer, as this unit has a lid, and I dispose of a lot of fruit particles, and during hot months the gnats and flies and other little bugs get into the apartment, and then swarm and feast on the food scraps, and then when I retrieve the bag to throw it in the dumpster, I get a "face swarm" of little critters abandoning their food post as I tie the bag off for disposal.

This is a bigger trashcan (w/ lid, as mentioned), and also comes with a "bucket" insert, for those one-off times I don't have trash bags, but still need to...dispose of trash. Haha! And it beats the hell out of the can I have right now, too. It is a plastic "office waste basket", and I line it with plastic bags I get from Schnucks (ones that previously carried food). It's a poor man's approach to the whole thing, but it actually worked for the past five years, but I am not that poor.

Other things got thrown in the cart, too - a 76-count container of generic dishwasher pods, a Henley t-shirt (short sleeved, to replace my rotting v-neck), and I also hopped over to the Fruit of the Loom website (which is actually, and got a 2-pack of "EverSoft" white tees w/ pocket.

Back soon

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