I woke up at 9:30 PM, thinking it would be 3:00 AM, as I felt rested and went to bed around 7:00 PM, but, I only slept 2.5 hours. Still rested.

When I was asleep, I got a "hey, dude! What's up?" text from my best friend from childhood, "B". Apparently he texted me back in July of 2021 and I never got it :/ We hadn't talked since before then sometime, probably around the time of his father's passing, around January of 2021. We all need time to mourn and grieve and etc., so we lost contact for a bit. Actually, we lost contact from Summer 2003 until Summer 2013 at one point - we met up (well, via phone call), caught up, and picked up the same old BS, haha.

He's the dude who got me so deeply into music. A good guy, for sure.

But for right now, I am having coffee to "perk me up". Just a double scoop of Schnucks instant, darker than the Folgers I have on hand, good (affordable) stuff :)

I can tell by the pace of writing this that it will not turn into a 1K word monster like a couple of past blog posts I've done recently. Perhaps a good thing, perhaps a lazy thing - it is what it is.

And, no bites on the CL posting as of yet. I am just going to leave them on there (the speakers), and see what comes of what. SOMEONE must want them eventually! So, time will tell.

I'll wrap it up, finish the coffee, and will be back soon.