![]( don’t take selfies very often. I don’t like to. Not that I have a “bad image” of myself (I think I look “fine”, meaning “ok”), I just don’t like “mugging” for the damn photo, itself.nnIn fact, photography in general is something I tend to NOT gravitate towards, and am not *that* big of a fan of (though I am trying to rekindle any interest I have for it with the [tmo snapping]( bloggo here on W.a).nnBut, I wanted one last photo (in selfie form) while I am here in South (STL) County, because I will go, bounce, vamoose, and vacate this place relatively soon. Moving, that is.nnI’ve ranted/raved about this dump for long enough, and now it is just time ticking down til my exit. Where to? I will let ya know ;)nnI’ll write more soon

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