The LUCID mattress is set to arrive between 6:00 and 10:00 AM (45 mins until 10 right now), but regardless what exact time the thing arrives, it WILL arrive today, and I am very excited! :) The old mattress will be stowed away in the walk-in closet (where there is basically nothing right now) until I can make an appointment with the "Junk King" and have it removed. That is what I did with the last mattress (as well as the old, beaten to hell Pioneer stereo cabinet, and a couple of other items).

So, I slept about 3.5-4 hours just now, which is what I could consider a power nap - not FULL rest, but still fairly restED feeling - and it will be the last of it's kind for a while, because I plan on getting good, full, adequate sleep on the new mattress. Awesome!

Today, it is a sunny morning, 43F and climbing to 56 (wow!), so it will be fairly nice :D

back soon