Last post for a min (I’ve been babbling, it seems).nnI have short jots/reminders on Standard Notes now, but I think I might go with [HedgeDoc]( for a self-hosted note-taking instance. Seems very nice and more “creative” and coder-friendly (should I ever get into the nitty gritty of PHP and all that stuff again). But as of right now, I am using SN for stuff. Incl reminders, like this one:nn![](…and yes, this is another reminder (for anyone) that there will be **another** [ Meetup]( this Saturday, at 1:00 PM CST, and everyone should attend. It’s a fun little IRC chat gathering spot for W.a bloggers to meet each other, or just veg out and see what others have to say.nnThe link above goes to the post about it, but anyone can just show up to the [ Cafe]( and click “join chat” at the top of the comments section (very top) and chat away. Fun times :)nnUnrelated sidenote:nnI am getting this photo printed to be hung on my refrigerator, because I love seeing writers write :)nn![]( soon

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