…and less than 24 hours until December 1, 2021. It will be Winter soon (maybe it already is? I have no idea when the seasons start/end), and that means I am going to go full-force on learning open source stuff. As soon as I have the proper connectivity equipment in my house, I will be able to jump straight in to anything/everything that requires SSH, as that is a thing I cannot currently do with my ragtag tethering rig at the moment. A hotspot will allow me to do so just fine, so I am definitely looking forward to that :)nnAnyway, I set the Winter open source goal back in early-2021 when I read that someone was taking an entire season (Summer 2021) to learn open source, git, etc., and then turn their current project into an open source project. I kinda figured; “**I** can do that by Winter 2021, I think”, and it is true, haha. In fact, I set out to do so in Fall 2021, and I got completely distraught and overwhelmed with how much goes into an open source project, but then I more or less decided (or realized) I was looking at too broad (or too big) of an example, and what *I* was doing was not quite so ambitious, lol! And at the end of the day, I must remember – baby steps.nnAnyway, for right Now, I am just focusing on getting the right gear ordered (at midnight tonight, 21 hours from now, or so). nn**the checklist**nnOr, *this* checklist:nn- get a Missouri Real ID made (I have my Social Security card + birth certificate and all that documentation ready to go)n- get a COVID-19 booster from Schnucks (literally two blocks away) ASAPn- get a replacement debit card (it expires soon)n- get a Revolut Card for a secondary banking optionn- get a US Passport (optional)n✅ refill meds (Monday – Nov. 29)n- pay for ProtonMail Premiumn- put $120(+) on Linode account (to last me a while)n✅ cancel all (unused) domain name renewalsnn…I only managed to tick off a couple things from it, so far, as some things require moolah. Getting **ProtonMail Premium** will happen soon, and likely the **COVID-19 booster**, as well. Though, with the new COVID variant (Omicron, or whatever the hell it is called) I may wait on getting a booster *just in case* the new variant needs to be vaccinated for (and if they create a vaccine for it). Then, I will just get vaxxed for *that*, instead. But, a booster is more than likely a thing I will do soon after Xmas. That is the plan, anyway (I already got both shots of Moderna + had COVID as a breakthrough case in August 2021, so…). nnOther things will be ticked off as “COMPLETE” from the list as the month of December rolls on, and I will update here accordingly :)nnAnd these are just “life things”, not what I am spending any fair amount of time with/on in my day-to-day life. Having a Premium e-mail account isn’t an “activity”, afterall, it’s just a thing that is required of me, haha. So, these are just some “life things” that need to be taken care of, because life happens ;)nnBack later

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