Sort of like "Girl, Interrupted" (which is a wild movie featuring Brittany Murphy (RIP) being crazy for the entirety of it).

So, I put the new floor lamp just to the left of the writer's desk, and have it sort of over the desk, itself (the light, that is), and it definitely looks like some sort of a hobbyist nook, indeed. Looks cool, and it will work.

Now, I write ish late into the night. But it is only 8:30, so who knows how long I will actually hammer text. I am having coffee, too (Taster's Choice, frothy boldness).

On the feeling of "less"

Does anyone else get the inclination, the feeling, the "vibe" that we, as a species have (somehow) become "less" than what we once were? I mean, due to population growth there are people who believe that it (the mass reproduction of humans) has led to a "watering-down" of the gene pool, but I think that is BS (for now) because it would take generations upon generations for that to actually "be a thing". Several generations populating the Earth to it's maximum (human) capacity in what amounts to a single lifetime (that of The Greatest Generation, as well as The Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z, and now a new Gen (whatever the name for it may end up being?)), it's all very fast as well as very difficult to adapt to (for everyone who exists on Earth today). So, the "cheapness" or "staleness" of life (to me) seems much more apparent, though I cannot say this for sure, because I was not alive 100+ years ago - but there is still an instinctual "gut feeling" that there is (or could be) more. To life.

I mean there is an entire philosophy behind this (Existentialism), but just because some people "put words to feelings" doesn't truly address the underlying cause for why some people (such as myself, right now) feel as if the world, existence, and humans participation in it, are "less sufficient" than what it would otherwise be.

And I don't think it is "the media", or "the Internet", or "society", or "the government", or "globalization", or anything like that. I just feel these (Existential feelings) are more or less just a natural, organic, environmental reaction to how the world is around us. It doesn't make make the feelings of Existentialism any more "pleasant" or even tolerable - but it sort of explains it, in a way. I guess, theoretically, humanity could react/respond in a great many ways to everyone clamoring over resources, and money, and energy, and XYZ, all of the above. But this (how we are, and are feeling) right now, is how we actually react to the goings on in the world.

And in the end, it is just about "sludging through", and carrying on, and letting bygones be bygones and not putting too much stock in "why's" and "how's" or anything like that - because clear as day/obvious answers will never come. They'll just always be "out of reach" and unresolved, to a great extent. Which is probably how it has always been, and perhaps always will be. So, we get through.

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