So, I am going to see about going to Urgent Care at some point in the future to get an injection of muscle relaxers (or a muscle relaxer - singular), like I do every year, because my back tends to re-injure itself every year in/around January. I have no idea when I will go, but if things do not get better soon (pain-wise) I will have to go (or possibly to an ER, IDK). The pain is not real bad, but it slows me down, so hopefully I will feel better soon. But in the long run, I will have to get some sort of yearly steroid injections, I am sure. I cannot just KEEP re-injuring it.

Anyway, it is 7:00 PM, I had coffee, and started dishes, and am getting through the night with the laptop propped against my legs as I write this as I lay down mostly flat in bed.

Let me address something I have been thinking about lately, though - the Thanx Project. I do not know how many times I have written out a blog post like this, where I am considering just NOT developing Thanx anymore, mostly because I have hit wall after wall of what I want to do with it , and no clear vision on what to do with it, so what it boils down to is this: I have lost all motivation and enthusiasm for the project. Plain and simple. I mean, yes, it would be cool to have some "complete" (or somewhat complete) web application that I built all on my own, from scratch, but considering I started from absolute Ground Zero in terms of learning web development, and that I have gotten even as far as I have, is truly a miracle. That applies to not only the Thanx Project, but all web server-related tasks and duties that are applicable to any type of "web dev". I have learned (and am learning) a lot, in regards to development, computer science, hobbyist activities surrounding any/all technology, etc., and I am still have loads of fun doing ALL of that stuff. But the Thanx Project, in particular, specifically, that project in-and-of-itself, drains my soul to it's foundation. So I need to "axe" it, I think. I will keep the VPS it is on running for a time longer, and of course I will keep the VPS that runs this blog (the one you are reading right now) active (because of course), but, I see no real point in continuing to shell out $5 per mo (not much money, really) for a server  (the Thanx sever) that serves (pun!) as nothing more than a reminder of a failed project. I take that back, a successful project, because I learned a LOT while making it, but an incomplete project, nonetheless.

So, new avenues, new projects, new things are in the pipeline - I just have to dream up what the fxxx those things will be, haha.

Long live tinkering! :D