I've been doing web dev for roughly 1.5 years now. Tooling with it, tinkering with it, making it a small time hobby. I enjoy it (I think it is beyond cool, actually), and I will continue with it.

And there is so much to learn out there, and a lot of people doing XYZ things to make that body of knowledge grow. I am referring, of course, to open source projects. And I sometimes feel that I am the only person who likes web development that feels I will never be able to (successfully) contribute to an open source project of any type.

Why is that?

  1. it is (mostly) a resume builder - I don't need/want a resume (because I am a lazy hack and will not work in a traditional environment. Ever.)
  2. it (open source) is effectively "free work". And though I do like to stay busy, and do my own "free work" (make something by myself), I don't see myself adding anything of genuine value to some other project that would otherwise get caught by the original creator/maintainer/whatever of said project. I see lists of "open issues" on projects and think "if THEY can't do it, how tf am I supposed to?"
  3. and third and most importantly, I ask myself every single time "how important is this service, really?". I mean I have thought about contributing (somehow) to WriteFreely, or some other project that I use and like, but, it's more or less a pet project of one person, or one small group of people, so it isn't like I'm "advancing computer science" with a contribution.

Much, if not all, of this comes down to lack of confidence. I know nearly nothing about git (and I likely never will, as there is simply too much documentation surrounding it, and, again, I am viciously lazy), and I couldn't even start to set up some local dev environment, or see any true reason to as much as utilize a standard text (code) editor (I just write shit wherever and then slap that shit in the file system on the VPS). Databases are a complete nightmare, becoming "proficient" in a(ny) programming language seems like a waste of time to me, and I could go on.

So, I essentially am putting the "de" in "developer" (not that it is being used in that manner, but you get the joke). I kind of de-value the concept of web development (by doing stuff the way that I do it, and still (pretentiously) referring to myself as a "web dev").

So, if after reading all that you want to follow me on Github, by all means, do so. And there I will be doing nothing for anyone (myself included) in the open source world. Because (to recap):

  • I'm lazy
  • I don't do "free work" that someone else is better at doing to begin with
  • I can never grasp the value of a project, and feel most things online are a superfluous endeavor

That's all. Back later.