...a little bit. Not as "tendon-y" feeling as it was before. Feels more sturdy now.

Also, I just gave my MacBook screen a good once-over with a dry paper towel, and now the screen looks new(er). It was friggin' filthy, man, lemme tell ya!

on work

Gonna (probably) be another night of general laziness for me, I think. And that's the (or at least a) thing with me - I am immensely lazy. I'm not 100% sure how I fell in to this (dis)position, but I never am really able to muster up energy to do a whole hell of a lot throughout the day. I mean, yes, blogging (journaling) happens, as well as a boatload of web dev stuff on any given (random/rare) day, but I almost like to do literally nothing. And I think it stems from me having a "crashing brain" - too much social activity, too much outdoor activity, too much "being in public", etc., it all drains the life and sanity from my bones, and I end up just coming home and wanting to curl up and sleep.

Addressing this may help, and may change things - but, I DO need to address how friggin' much of a homebody I am.

Some people may say: "TMO doesn't work", but that doesn't just mean I am unemployed (or not actually seeking employment, because I am only good at about three things in life). What it actually MEANS is, "TMO doesn't function". And this is wholesale true in an "outside world of greater society" sense of the word. I don't "get" how people can bring themselves to do XYZ tasks on a regular basis. Or how they manage to have a position of employment (even a job that has a good amount of diversity in the tasks). And I am not being melodramatic or "koy" - I genuinely don't see how this mindset operates in most (nearly all) individuals.

Perhaps any/all work ethics just "went over my head" in my upbringing? Maybe they were never "passed down" to me in the first place? Maybe I affiliate work with a type of "tortuous slavery"? Maybe all three?

One thing is certain, most people don't "agree", or "see eye-to-eye" with this (obscure?) mindset I have of: "no, I can't do that right now, because I would need several hours to recover afterwards" type of an approach to nearly everything in life. I mean, people can/do put a genuine value on "hard work", which is 100% understandable. But, what I think (maybe, I don't know) what they are deriving from having done a day's/week's/or month's worth of hard work, is sort of a personal appreciation, a sincere gratitude for having the ability to work, and to put in the hours, and to earn their living, etc.

I don't find myself to be that lucky :/

But, that's how it goes, I guess.