I swept the kitchen floor, then Swiffer wet mopped the kitchen floor, then Clorox Wiped down the counter, desk/island, and even Clorox Wiped down the Swiffer mop, ITSELF! Talk about germaphobia! Of course, I am not a "germaphobe" (sp?) in any sense of the word, but the Swiffer mop looked dark, and nasty, and just overall repugnant from top to bottom, so, I gave it a good once-over with a Clorox Wipe and now it is as good as new!

With Spring-like weather comes Spring-like cleaning, I suppose. I like to keep things fresh all the time in my apartment, as it just makes me feel better.

Also, I migrated every single piece of tobacco pipe gear that I own into one, large cabinet in the kitchen directly above the counter because A) I don't want the tobacco gear over the sink anymore, because I always need to use the counter whenever I am doing something with the pipe(s), B) it is a bigger cabinet to begin with, and the gear + tobacco tins, etc. tend to pile up, so more space was needed, and C) it got the three-pipe rack off of the desk/island, so I will have room for the AT&T modem/router on the island whenever I get that ordered and installed.

In terms of the desk/island, I am pretty sure it is just going to be a wired/computerized mess going forward, unfortunately. The modem/router (the same unit with AT&T now) will be on the desk, as well as a Raspberry Pi (in time) + whatever small monitor I may or may not get for the Pi (I would opt for the cheapest 16 inch monitor I can find - not going broke on that) + keyboard + mouse + whatever other peripherals may need to reside on the desk.

But everything else will be done via the MacBook at the "writer's desk" in the bedroom, which I am deliberately keeping clean and clear, and nothing sits on it other than the Mac, itself - nothing else (besides an accompanying cup of coffee + pipe, of course).

And I could combine the two desks, and do some sort of nerdy ass "mega desk", but hell, a single desk is more than enough for my needs, and the "writer's desk" is just there for the purposes of being able to write in front of the window and have a pleasnt writing environment. Also, because if/when I move sometime in the future, I will be more or less reliant on a desk, and I don't want to have to hurry up and buy one when I am already spending $$$ on moving. I can just transport said desk to the new place, and that would be that.

That's all for now. Back later.