So, I was just made aware of a service (that will go nameless here), that is some sort of blog-nomination service (and that's all this thing is: a public site for so and so maintainer to have their ring kissed (sort of like the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, only for blogs!)), and I can say that these shit services need to be removed from the Web.

Why do they have to be removed from the WWW? Can't anyone do anything with their sites?

True, it's a free damn world and people can get their egos stroked, or their status "boosted", or their accounts verified, or anything to vindicate the emptiness that dwells just beneath the surface of their character. And no one is particularly "above" this form of vanity, either - we'd ALL get on the "elite" bandwagon if one went out of their way to do so, and we'd ALL be masters of our own small (online) universe if that were the thing necessary to sustain so and so's...shortcomings. It is more or less just a matter of: do I act on this (sad) impulse? Or do I avoid it - and do something else, instead?

Some people act, some people avoid - and it IS their choice.

So anyhow, my apologies for the negativity. No one needs to hear my (superficial) discrepancies with silliness on the Web. Just taking note of preposterous things such as this (much like the Rock and Roll HoF I mentioned earlier - a total brown-nosing consortium of meaninglessness - pathetic).

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