There has been drizzle outside, but I don't think any of it was freezing drizzle, and probably not worthy of a Winter weather advisory. As of now, it just says "Cloudy" with 36 as the temp. Chances are, we could have gone to St Charles and been safe, but again, better safe than sorry. It wasn't my call anyway (because I don't drive), so I don't feel guilty, just sucks that the weather cancelled our plans and then didn't do anything. Still, better to NOT have freezing rain and bad road conditions than the other way around.

COVID stuffs

Also, I got an e-mail from my healthcare provider saying that local hospitals are postponing non-emergency surgeries until the Omicron variant has passed. There is apparently an uptick in the STL area of people needing critical care from COVID, and now hospitals are being forced to halt non-critical...anything, in order to cope with new patients. So, that sucks. And I've said it before, I'll say it again, people should get vaxxed (and boosted), but EVEN THEN, the vaccines only have a 92% effective rate (best case scenario), and that social distancing, self-imposed quarantines, and even business shutdowns are necessary in order to stop the pandemic. Much like how the 1918 pandemic never saw a vaccine, it was stopped cold by people isolating, distancing, and locking down public spaces.

Will anything like that happen in countries like the United States? No. Of course not. I mean, the government can do things to combat the pandemic in a thorough, and deliberate way, but this country's (and the world's) economic system (which is a house of cards) is far too important and delicate to be tampered with by halting flights, forcing lockdowns, and doing shit we have to do. So, I'll leave it at that and not go on a futile government rant, because even if I had the ear of the most powerful people in the world, they would turn a soft cheek away from anything that disrupts the "motion of the ocean".

It's too bad.

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