I just updated the Ghost bloggo to []( a second ago, and went through that process (briefly) over there, so [you can read about it]( if you like, but, long story short, I got some help from my buddy [Mike]( on the issue, and when I did all the steps, it took roughly a half hour to change out the Ghost blog *from* “” *to* “”, so, fun stuff! :)nnSame bloggo, same theme, same stuff, just a more recent URL, and one that accommodates my “online identity” much better, I would say (in fact, accommodates it perfectly).nnI was just thinking about web dev earlier this AM (may have written about it somewhere, but cannot remember), and how whenever the mood strikes me to actually DO any web dev activities, there is nothing else I would rather be doing at that time. When I am not “in the mood” to hassle with it, I end up putting it off for days or weeks on-end. But that is how life goes, I guess.nnAnyway, the clock just struck high noon on Sunday, and I have to make a trip to Schnucks in a bit if I plan on eating proper food today. I will do so a little later on.nnnback latern

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