I could write a poem right now about caffeine reaching the brain, the brain activating the fingers, the fingers letting thoughts flow onto the keys of the keyboard – emotions conveyed, beliefs corresponded, ideas shared.nn…but I won’t do that :PnnInstead I will hammer text about being hyper caffeinated in an effort to keep my mind on-track, instead of off in withdrawal wonderland, scattered brained, and adrift with nothing to focus on. nnIt’s a weird type of night, indeed. But I am overall in a good mood. So, there’s that. That’s all one can ask for, I suppose. Happiness.nnI thought about doing my laundry tonight, until I realized that I *just* ran out of Tide Pods the other day, and I cannot do another load until Wednesday, when I buy more Tide Pods :/nnThat’s what’s goin’ on. Back later.

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