So, I ran this theme through GScan to see if it is compatible with the latest version of Ghost software, and there were 103 issues with it :/ So, I cannot continue to use this theme, it seems (and the maintainer has stopped maintaining it for some time, unfortunately). On the bright side, there is a theme in the official Ghost Theme Marketplace that is quite similar and it only runs $24. Still, I don't want to have to pay for a theme, because I am greedy fxxx, apparently. But I will change the theme and do the mandatory updates for Ghost 4.X.X or whatever the hell in the near future.

And h/t to Mike for alerting me to the fact that sudo apt-get update / sudo apt-get upgrade doesn't do much for updating a/the Ghost bloggo, as I have to do things through the Ghost CLI, itself. I think there is already an update for the software, and I have only been on this platform a month, but, this is just the way things are (not complaining).

Another thing I'm noticing with Ghost (or, their themes, anyway) is that they are VERY photo-y - like, they emphasize photography in a BIG way, and want people either publishing photo diaries, or impromptu magazines (lol, ok), or newsletters. Not much else.

So, I may have to find another (different) free theme and just maintain the thing myself (aka, fix errors in it before reuploading the .zip file). One that doesn't have 103 issues going on with it.

Minimal is good