IDK what to say, what to write, but some of my better-written blog posts turn out this way (and I just delete the pre-ramble text – which is what all of this is, haha).nnThe sun is rising soon, and the sky is partly cloudy (but fairly clear earlier when I saw the full moon). It’s 100% Fall weather here in STL today – 65 degrees all day according to the Forecastie weather app (the best weather app in F-Droid IMO).nnFingers crossed that the CW Hotspot works out OK. It will be a *big* purchase for me, and will guarantee an automatic $60 going out the door on a monthly basis after it’s activation, so I need to get my money’s worth out of it. I will also *downgrade* the regular phone bill when I get the Hotspot activated, because I only truly need a $35 per mo (2GB) data plan on this phone whenever I have another Internet source – be it regular home broadband or an unlim hotspot, or whatever the case.nnI drank my weight in coffee this morning, feeling plenty awake – wired, even. I will also pick up Diet Pepsi (and a Monster?) when I am out and about later on. Definitely a nice birthday treat for myself, for sure. It isn’t even about the caffeine or energy crap they put in the Monster beverages, it is the *epic* flavor that takes me to another level sensory-wise. Hard to describe. It could be because I had a Monster Lo-Carb (blue) for the first time when I was watching episodes of the nostalgia-inducing YouTube channel “Cinemassacre” (or, Angry Video Game Nerd, to be more specific). I think the first episode I ever watched was the *Die Hard* episode, and then *Castlevania* after that, and I remember digging in further and seeing *Sword Quest* and the *Chronologically Confused About The Zelda Timeline* video, as well – just epic (instant) memories, and they all tie-in with the flavors of Monster Energy drinks (somehow). Neat stuff!nnThat day, in particular, it was a Monster Lo-Carb and a Monster Assault (red), and each time I have those two drinks in particular, I always want to turn on “The Nerd”. That channel still continues to pump out content (a LOT of it!) to this day, and I still keep up with podcast clips here and of course revisit classic Nerd episodes. The quality of the AVGN videos has gone down over time (in my opinion), but that is mostly because no one in the history of entertainment (TV, movies, radio, the Internet, you name it) wants to (or can) play the *same* character over and over and over and over again until…forever. And The Nerd has been a running series since 2006 – admirable that he (James Rolph) stuck it out as long as he has, but damn, it’s OK to just pivot to other content.nnBut with that said, he *is* one of the OG’s of YouTube – not just an OG of videogame content, or retro tech content, or nostalgia content, or anything else – I mean he is an OG in terms of people who create content on the YouTube platform, period.nnNow, that is a little loftier (or just all around better) title than someone who is “an OG” of, say, a social network. No one wants to hear about someone creating an account on Twitter in 2007, or Facebook in 2005 – because neither of those services are good, and it’s not a “title” to be proud of in any way. But being an “OG” on something like WordPress, or YouTube, or hell, even Write.as – *that’s* kind of a cool thing to say, I think.nnNot that any of it *truly* matters – it’s all “hipster cred” / do it until it is cool type of BS anyway. But that type of “cultural cred” holds water with (shallow) people like me, I suppose.nnThis blog post has been rambl-y enough. Be back later.

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