IDK, I have no topic to write about at the moment, so I guess this is just **Intentional Writing**, which I like to do from time to time. Fingers on keyboard, eyes on the screen, just hammering out whatever the hell it is I want to write. This is one of those posts.nnIt works for me, a bit, because 90% of my posts start with a “warm up”/starter paragraph, and then I usually figure out what it is I *really* want to write about after a few sentences, then a new paragraph starts and I get out some genuine words. I usually re-read my blog posts after they are finished (and make corrections if necessary), and starting in 2019 I noticed “how” I approach an entry – e.g. the warm up paragraph and then writing useful stuff…method. How *I got there*, I do not know. I also do not know if this approach *works for me* – but, I generally have to get things moving along before some significant topic(s) come to mind. Sometimes. Sometimes I know ahead of time what I want to write. nnDoesn’t matter. I sometimes think I am in the school of thought of **Inquiry** (a long gone W.a writer, but still stops in at the Midnight.pub), and that is the school of thought that I am a typist. I kind of agreed that I was/am a typist, but then words started to mean a lot to me, and I wanted to be better at the end result *of* typing, so I became better at it (writing), over time – or, **I** think I got better. No one is to say, really.nnAll the meta stuff about writing and typing and blogging and this and that is boring, though (for right now it is, anyway). I’ll just do what I do, and…whatever comes of it.nnback soon

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