Coffee is being made (which is actually espresso), and I am having a nice smoke of a VA/Per blend tobacco out of the Rossi pipe, just taking it easy for the night. Nothing terribly special happening at the moment.nnI haven’t felt this distraught, lost, and disillusioned in years. It probably has a lot to do with my psych meds not working as well as they should (I have been taking them for almost six years now – usually a psych medication will be effective on an individual for five years, at best – I got lucky with mine lasting six). Definitely gonna be time for some serious life changes in time, though. I hope *39* doesn’t turn into *29* though, in terms of how bummed/depressed I was at age 29. 28 was OK, though, and I am 38 now, so…perspective, I suppose. Not that history repeats itself, but, whatever.nnI know I will have to change out medications soon enough, though, and that is just the way the ball bounces. The sooner I change them, the better.nnMore updates on this later.

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