A cold Valentine’s Day walk, but it is warming up slowly outside, and will get to near 50 degrees later on. I am having a Mt Dew Live Wire pop, and some nice tobacco, and enjoying the sunshine coming in through the blinds in the living room.nnPlans for the day: nothing in particular. At 8:00 AM tomorrow I have to call for an appointment to get my tooth (or *two* teeth, actually) extracted, but in all likelihood it will require me to take antibiotics for a week+ before that, because I am pretty sure I have an infection. But either way I am calling tomorrow morning and seeing *if* they can see me on Wednesday, as Thursday is no good due to bad incoming #stlwx. The week after is the more likely scenario for when I can get an appointment there. Of course I mentioned all this in a previous blog post, so I do not see why I am repeating it, but, there it is :/nnOther things for the week: gotta get some decent grocery shopping done on Wednesday (tooth appointment or not), as well as pick up pipe cleaners (as the place I ordered them from last sent a single 30-count pack, not a single 6-pack *of* 30-count packs). And I will also get laundry done on Wednesday, as well. So, a few things going on for the week.nnNo special updates from here, it seems. Another (sunny) day going on the books. Back soon.

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