just gonna coffee it up, because I am out of sodie

So, I have instant espresso.

I try (I do) to avoid speaking of social media on this blog these days (hell, for months it was ALL I spoke of in early-2020, when I was "fresh" off "the networks"), but it's still a thing that comes across my mind, still "bothers" me a bit - not avoiding socials, which I do very well these days, and will never return, but having to hear in every cranny of the Web and people IRL too have something to say about whatever from wherever and on and on.

And socials are so prevalent, so "expected" amongst everyone, that people see my complaints against it as "old man fodder", or some sort of high-minded whining, or whatever the case - but, I sincerely believe (I KNOW, actually) that this (socials) are an incantation of what cigarettes were back decades ago. Yea, there's a lot of difference, and there's no point in going into nuances, because the differences are literally endless, but in terms of any addiction, the similarities are nearly spot-on. Not the same as alcohol addiction (though quite a Venn Diagram there, too), or heroin addiction (again, similarities a plenty) - as with social media and cigarettes, one could almost align a Venn Diagram chart square on top of the other, and just swap out the word "cigarettes" for "social media" (of any/all platforms), and there ya go - practically identical.

So, I make reference again to my non-smoker of '67 analogy, when discussing myself in relation to social media: "if someone saw the Surgeon General's warning of 1965, and they were a smoker, and they decided to quit smoking, and the up/downs/all-arounds involved with it, and quit in 1967, they, too, would have been in the same position I am in right now with the societal permeation of social media - only they, they would have to "put up with" all the cigarette smoke, the distraction of it, the loss of good health (and sometimes life) of friends and loved ones, the overarching "apology making" for the habit (addiction), the coddling and eneabling of something that is inherently toxic, etc."

And what I'm getting at is, I will (in all likelihood) have to continue to put up with, tolerate, and just (desolately) observe anyone and everyone doomscrooling their phone and hamming it up about what their trending topics are saying, or shoving that shit (their phone) into one another's face to see something on TikTok - it's just gonna be around for a while, and that is so fucking annoying.

So yea, as I've titled a blog post on here before: "it's my bloggy and I'll cry if I want to", so thanks to anyone who bothered to read a disgruntled whinefest about how obnoxious the whole thing can be. It's not too often I get "set off" on some shit like that, but when I feel like ranting on here, I just do.

Onto other things. Back soon.

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