I have the blinds opened at such an angle that the sun beams are *right* on me, so I am going to enjoy them as the temp outside is 25F at the moment. I have the screensaver (really a slideshow) turned on on my Chromecast (cool pics!), and made coffee and just gonna chillax for a little bit. nnIt’s the strangest thing how the Chromecast *recognizes* my hotspot (PDAnet+) from my phone, and I put in the Proxy info correctly, and it says the signal is “Good”, or sometimes “Excellent”, but when it comes time to actually watch something, it loads for half a second and then says the signal is bad (???)nnAnyway, after this blog post I am going to plug the MacBook into the TV and watch some stuff, I think. No clue on *what* to watch, but I will find something.nnNice day

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