...and while I do so, I made a 'za for dinner and put The 8-Bit Guy on the TV (via MacBook), and watched a VIC-20 build...or something. Wasn't really paying attention, was enjoying pizza, instead :)

At 7:55 I will fetch the clothes, then shower, and then change clothes, because I am basically sporting laundry day duds right now, and they are gross and I hate wearing them, haha.

On another note, I think I have enough coffee to see me through the night, given I get in some sleep, but if not, I will likely walk to Schnucks early in the morning and get more coffee. I mean, I will walk there either way and buy coffee, but it will be a 100% required necessity I do so if I do run out.

And IDK why, but I have a pretty significant headache. Not "sick" or "ill" or "nasty" feeling or anything like that - just a headache, which sucks.

It's crazy feeling to be up and awake and doing stuff at 7:35 PM when I got ~4 hours of sleep last night (waking at 9:00 AM), and only managed to get in a 45 minute nap this afternoon. Completely and totally sleep deprived, I'd say. Not in an insomniac form, though (which usually means something else is going on with me), but in a "this-bed-is-garbage-and-sleep-is-impossible" form. Now I know why sleep deprivation is a form of torture during war, haha....::sigh::

Sleep, man, I miss it. LMAO

back soon