Or, late afternoon, actually. That is what I love about late-Fall, it gets dark early, and *keeps* getting dark early until late-Spring. Good deal.nnBut, it’s just another day here, and nothing terribly exciting happened. I had a Mama Lucia ‘za a bit ago, delish. Starting to really miss not using a laptop on a daily basis, too. Many more possibilities with it over using just a phone for everything. I mean it is “OK” being mobile-only, and I can appreciate it, sometimes, but these days I have been pretty reliant upon the laptop to do most of everything I want to do. The phone just falls short in almost every category :/nnQuick question:nn**does minimalism end?**nnI feel I have for the most part been a practicing minimalist since 2003. I was *definitely* a minimalist when my entire life’s possessions fit inside a small wall locker at STL Job Corps at that time, and not much changed in the years following up until 2008, when I got my first apartment. Then, in 2008, I felt like I “moved on” from minimalism, for the most part. And then (soon after), around 2010, I re-discovered the lifestyle, or hobby, or whatever one would call it, and I sort of went head-first into the practice of it, again.nnNowadays, I feel “less minimal” than ever, yet, still have *way* less stuff than I did in 2008-2014. Hell, I probably have less stuff now than I did in 2014/15 when I lived in a 300 sq ft apartment!nnSo, IDK. I don’t think minimalism ever ended for me, or ever *will* “end”, but, I sort as feel I just don’t (have to) pay attention to it anymore. I’m not accumulating much, nor am I actively “decluttering” a whole heck of a lot, either. nnIt doesn’t matter in the longterm, though. What is had is had, what will be will be. nnBack later

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