I’ve been writing online in what I consider two phases (well, three). nn**Phase 1:** brief, short term phase from 2002-2003. Barely a “blog”, barely anything – just recounting what had happened at parties and my nightly thoughts in one, big, sloppy .txt filenn**Phase 2:** “pro blogging” from 2006-2011. Ad-based, and some freelance, with a theme (tabloids/gossip), and a lot of affiliates/partnershipsnn**Phase 3:** “life logging” from 2014-present. Just anything and everything that happens throughout my day/life and my thoughts on them.nnOftentimes (for *all three* phases) it feels like beating a dead horse. The same shit happens, the same stories/entries (or quite similar stories/entries) get published. And it’s better to keep a few things “fresh”. For me. So, I have been thinking of moving along – not from writing in general, but to another subject. Or to another venue. Or just not putting any type of content online, at all. I am capable of accomplishing this – of just NOT sharing (or over-sharing) life and it’s details on the Web. Not with an “end goal” in mind, just NOT being candid, not participating, and not partaking (same way of saying the same thing there).nnPerhaps it is time that I do this. To “drop off” the line, stay ambiguous to platforms, or accounts, or persona.nnJust be men

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