"Just" a morning

Sometimes I feel pretty lucky. Lucky how the/my subconscious works. Sometimes I feel low in myself/low in the world, and I will be out and about in the world, and then I will turn a corner and some friendly face will pleasantly say "hello!', or some other stranger will nod, and I will feel perked up again, and I sort of let cynicism slide, and feel more happy and in alignment with what I just want to feel most of the time, anyway: happy.

But yea, this is an ok morning

I went to Schnucks and bought Mtn Dew Spark, which is essentially Raspberry Lemonade, which is really pink lemonade, only this has less sugar and more carbonation. I sipped it as I was homebound, and trampled through puddles, and made observations and considerations while I made the four-black walk back to my apartment. A neighbor in this building, Neighbor "_" (I have no idea what her name/initial is, because there just hasn't been an opportunity (or an approachable moment) to talk to her, even though she has been at these apartments for the same length of time as me (at least), six years, and since moving to this apartment unit, she even lives in the same breezeway), was near the mailboxes, tiny (barky) dog on-leash, and she actually said "hello" from behind - meaning I was walking/facing away from her, and she awkwardly volunteered a hello, as if to Hail Mary for a response, because for all she knew, I was deep in thought, or worse, in a bad mood and unwilling to exchange pleasantries.

But that was not the case. I glanced back and said "hello!", as the dog stood weary-eyed and rigid as yard ruler, and I went back to my pace, and up the strairs, pink lemonade beverage in-hand, and then began writing.

At Schnucks, I saw Warren, who I will call by his first name, because "W" is not right (due to a one-time dispicable presidency), and also because Warren is an employee of Schnucks. So, a public figure. LMAO!

He was stocking the pastry cabinets with sprinkle-covered snacks, and was sporting a large red chef's hat while doing so. You know, one of those "floofy" hats that "Chef", or whoever, wore on Muppet Babies? I guess the character "Chef" on South Park wore one, too, before the voice actor for that character decided the show's creators were, in fact, atrociously bad people. A lot of the episodes still turn out funny, though, actually.

I said (to Warren), "THAT'S a chef's hat, dude!", and he smiled back, proud of his stylistic ambition in sporting such a get-up in public.

"Just" a fine morning - no parables or lessons learned, no absolutist determinations in regards to life or living it (in fact, I hate thinking in an "absolutist" way - as if to say: "this is this way and always is this way" - shit changes constantly), nor were any epiphanies had, or anything.

Just a morning

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