jaunting to Schnucks on the day that promises 102

The morning STLWX is not bad here at this moment. It's 79, with a heat advisory indicating that it will climb to 102 by 3:00 PM. Like I mentioned in a previous post, as long as there are no power outages/blackouts, then things should be just fine. It's always when the weather turns to shit that outages happens, it seems (as some would say; Murphy's Law, or as other would quip "as luck would have it"). But I don't really see why we would have any type of blackout, so, no concerns.

Missouri has been fair this year, heat-wise. Even with the 102 temps (expected) today. This happens usually every Summer in Missouri, and it lasts several days, or a week, then things level out. In a year where Japan recorded it's hottest year EVER, and the British were subjected to 104 in areas that were usually more mild, + who knows what the fuck type of backwards weather occurrencs were/are occurring in California? They have bad fires yearly now, unfortunately those can't/won't stop, which is one of the biggest natural tragedies I can imagine, really.

On another note; I scoured up and down in Schnucks to find random odds and ends that I may want to "Take Stock" on, and I only ended up getting the a large container of Parsley flakes for $2.99, even though I just bought McCormick parsley flakes for $4.99 a week ago, which was in a container about 1/10 the size of the $2.99 container. Celery salt was wanted/needed, too, as that adds a lot to a vegetable dish, so I considered the $3.99 price tag for the large container of that, but thought I'd luck out and find it cheaper in a smaller size, but nope - smaller size = recognizable brand = more money. Ridiculous.

So there's some old marm whining/complaining for ya this AM ;)

Good news, I got three nice, ripe Kent mangoes, and I cannot wait to dig into one of them. Roughly half the size of a football. Mangoes are an "excitable"/ecstatic fruit - makes one feel alive and fresh and renewed. My favorite fruit by far.

I looked up/down other random aisles, too - mostly in produce. I saw blocks of tofu, and seaweed wraps, along with kombucha in the refrigerated section, on the "health wall". Or the half health wall - everything is salads and and yogurt until you get halfway down and reach the deli area, and then without warning the packaged meat offerings start, so the vegans immediately gag without warning while browsing, as do the carnivores when they go "too far" down that same section from the opposite direction. Everybody loses.

back later, folks

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