I wrote a blog post about “Spring Cleaning” earlier, and then after a few paragraphs, I deleted it – it wasn’t really going where I wanted it to go. So instead, I will just leave an update.nnWent to Schnucks, bought some Arizona Sweet Tea (the best tea in the world, honestly), as well as soda, and some organic oranges (that were in-stock! Wow!), and then made the sunny walk back home :)nnWhen I entered Schnucks, I stopped to let someone exit the door who was leaving, and when I looked, I noticed that it was my old psychiatrist – Dr “B”. He was fairly unconventional in demeanor and attitude during our appointments back then, but he was definitely knowledgeable and thorough when it came to the medication treatment. I didn’t say “hi”, though, because who knows if he would even remember me – but, whatever. He’s a good dude.nnMy apartment is one, big, continual breeze of fresh air, and the cigarette smoke coming off the non-filter (nonny) cig doesn’t stand a chance to settle in the air. It gets exhaled and then immediately get *swooshed* away by the air flow.nnAlso, the bumble bees seem to be “thawing” (or *something*) on the sidewalk outside of my apartment building. There are about a half dozen of them just *laying* there, not in-flight or crawling or moving in any way. I have no idea how bee lifespans work, or if they go into a sort of “frozen”/hibernation period, or what the hell – but these bees seem to be relatively lifeless. Odd.nnThe tea is delicious.nnI hope everyone out there is doing OK. nnback soon

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